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You heard that right. Each on their own, they’re missing something. P90x/x2 combines plenty of strength moves with some yoga with no cardio. Insanity provides massive amounts of INSANE cardio with hardly any strength moves. I’ve heard great things about hybrids but have never really tried one on my own. I’ve done two rounds of P90x, got a month into Insanity, and has attempted to do P90x2. I’ve just realized they all lack some aspect of ‘exercise’. So here’s to a hybrid. *Cheers*




And right now, I’m completely O.K. with it. Today is Day 1 half marathon training. Yes, I am excited , nervous as well. I just want to prove to myself, and a  few others that I can do it. Yeah, it’s going to be hard. I’ll have to dedicate MORE time to running, eating for fuel, and getting the right amount of sleep I need. Right now I’m okay with that. My friends understand and for the most part, are supportive. Thank god. So for now, I’m happy.

-Keep up my pace 8:30
-Work on running spilt times 🙂
-Start off strong with half marathon training.
-Power through 1/2 training-runs.
-Eat like a lil rabbit.

Accomplished most of my ROCKtober goals that I set. I like doing this… It keeps me modivated !

Taking stupid pictures of myself… That I’d never put on Facebook…. 🙂


My foam roller = Miiiii BFFFFFF 🙂


Jillian Michael’s Yoga meltdown…


My bike = MY BOYFRIEND. Call me weird, if you’d like 😉


Nike running tights…


And for some ODDDDDD, STRANGE, WEIRD reason…. NOT running. Maybe I should let my calf heal, Ehhh ?


Fish Oil is AH-MAZINNG ! Seeing a difference in my joints !


And this joke :  What do you call a singing computer ? ADELE ! haha.  – Christian !


Peace, love, HAPPINESSS ❤


I love raisins in my salads, and fresh pomegranates from my neighbor’s tree. And iphones… I miss it so much !

Rocks as they skip across water,

runner’s feet as they strike the payment,

lawnmowers on early sunday mornings,

dogs panting,

birds chirpping on early morning runs,

crickets on warm summer nights,

the crunching of leaves in fall,

the sound of rain.


I love nature.

Hence the title, I’m going to make this the best month ever ! I need to start making my goals clear, so here they are:)

Fitness: Continue doing p90x daily and DONT MISS ANY OF THEM ! Running: Run 3
miles, three times a week.(36 miles this month) (Preferably Sundays, Tuesdays,
and Thursdays.) Try and NOT get hurt !

Nutrition: Stay away from as much junkness as possible. NO ice cream this
WHOLE month. This will be hard since I do work at Sonic, buts its possible ! Try
and incorporate as many fruits and veggies as I can.

Life: Try to stay organized and stop procrastinating ! I have SUCHHH a bad
habit of it and I need to break it.


Yea, I’m one busy bee! haha. I have been working, working, working, working, and working! haha. And working out. Staying strong with Insanity! Heckkk yea! And eating healthy foods. Got to go run some errands! Laterrrrr.

I hope that skating burns a lot of calories cause i’ve skated for atleast 2 hours! hahaha.

I love working. I love giving everything 100 %. But i’m so tired. I need sleep. NOW. Butttttttttttt, I gotta do some school work 🙂  Sorry I havn’t had time for my blog! There is just NO time. Ill find the time tho!


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