For breakfast, I had Kashi Go Lean! cereal with skim milk, a few blueberries, and eight almonds!  Delishhhhhh. I love Kashi Go Lean! cereal, because it has SO much protein to be a cereal. I strive to get as much protein as I can!

Cleaned up with house, FINALLY unpacked from the beach, and washed clothes! I love the feeling of cleanliness!

I listened to this song, over and over again, during my workout, and while cleaning this morning. I am in love with it.

Speaking of workout, Today, I did Insanity Day four: Cardio power & resistance.

I love this one! It focuses a little more on working the muscles, instead of just ALL cardio! Its definitely one of the favs. 😉

Look at little Bell! Isn’t she the CUTEST?! I love her 🙂

When I crave something, I usually crave carbs. What person doesn’t?! But lately, ALL I have craved is protein, so protein it is.

Todays lunch: Mahi-Mahi Fish( Which was SO amazing last night, I just had to have it again 😉 ), and a simple salad. Which included: romaine lettuce, carrots, a tablespoon of chocolate chips(its good!) and some balsomic vinegerette. And 8 animal crackers!

I gotta go do some schooooool work! Boooo. Anywho, Have a great day! 😉