Has not been the best day of my life. Not the worst either. Went grocery shopping this morning. I was in Wal-Mart for TWO hours. Yeah, but alteast I was in Greek yogurt heaven for a few minutes!

I also seen this sweet little puppy that was being given away. Hopefully, he went to a good home, cause he was cute GORGEOUS!


Here is today’s eats.

Breakfast: Subway

Morning Snack: A few semi-sweet chocolate chips

Lunch: Tomato with cottage cheese

Afternoon snack:

Dinner: WILL be Grilled Mahi-Mahi fish and some kind of veggie….Probably broccoli.

I didn’t post about any workout yesterday, but I did a 10 minute interval run. Yesterday was ‘rest’ day for Insanity. I switch the Insanity calendar up!I dont like taking a rest day on a certain day EVERY week. I like to be able to pick my day, depending on my mood.

Today, however, I did Insanity day three:

I’ll also do my 10 minute interval run tonight. When the sun goes down!<—-Can you name that song?

Anyways, other than that, I’ve been doing more school work for my online class, took the dogs for a walk, and i’m about to go eat. 😉

I start work tomorrow, so PRAY FOR ME! lol.

Have a magnificent rest of the day! 😉