This afternoon, my neigbor brought over some local honey. Which is AMAZING! I had to have it with my afternoon snack! Plain Greek yogurt with local (clover?) honey = the Seriously…

After the dogs’ walk this morning, they had sandspurs stuck ALL in their fur. They are very furry lil creatures! 😉 That calls for a bath.. I have NEVER seen two dogs who hate baths soo much. You can basically consider them cats! They’re not happy campers with me right now!

Which lead me to dinner! Tonight, I had the Viola! Beef Lomein. Which was not. so. great… I hate water chesnuts  & it had just that in it. Tons of them too! Thats great if you fancy them, but they’re just not my thing!

Anywhooo, time to unpack from the beach. Wahhhh. Have an amazing rest of the night!

Do you like water chesnuts?