Around 11 a.m.  I HAD to take a little cat nap. Well, Lets just say that catnap lasted for about one and a half hours! Usually, Lil munchkin wakes me up, but today I had to wake her up!

Around 12:30, I was READY  MORE THAN READY for some lunch! Todays lunch including a chicken sandwich. 1 Sandwich round, grilled chicken, ketchup, and mustard. Andddd a side of broccoli with salsa. I also had a little brownie, which I forgot to picture. Bella was probably thinking, “Yummmy! Can I have some mama?!” Pshhhhtt.

Like my fork?! I like LOVE this folk. Basically, I use it everyday! 😉

Did that workout thang. Which consisted of Insanity Day 1 & I’ll probably do some intervals later on tonight.

Talk about challenging! Insanity is probably the hardest workout program out there! I have had this program for a while, but never got around to actually doing the WHOLE 60 days, cause I missed running, and school just stressed me completely out! But now, since its summer va-cay time, I am going to complete it. That means hardly no running for sixty days:( Maybe sometimes I will be able to sneak a little run in here and there, but after this program….I am starting to train for a half marathon… that is in october!!

Have a great afternoon! I’m going to soak up some sun!