I LOVE vacation. We started our vacation at my grandparents lake house. It is always so special to me to able able to spend time with my wonderful family. We spent four days up there! We headed back on Memorial Day. Tuesday was our only day at home to unpack, clean up, etc. Wednesday morning we left again for the most beautiful place in the WORLD! PANAMA CITY BEACH!There I ate massive amounts of food and by that I mean salads, hummus, and chicken and these… and Just so you know, this picture does these nachos NO justice. Whitney( My friend) and I ate these and by the time we were full they didnt even have a dent in them. It took 2 to-go boxes for those bad boys!

We also shopped at Pier Park..Which is an amazing place to visit, so if you ever get the chance, check it out! While we were shopping we seen fireworks across the road, on the pier!

Overrall, I had an AMAZING time. Although, I am so glad to be back home. I didnt ever think i’d miss the town I live in. I guess I just missed my baby girl aka my dog Bella and my bed! Goodnight! See you in the morning!